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What Are women saying about creek+elm?

gorgeous woman wearring dangly leaf faux leather striped earrings
Taryn P.

"I can't believe how LIGHT they are! They're so big and bold I thought they might be kind of heavy. Wow, was I wrong. I can barely tell they're there. And the compliments haven't stopped rolling in."

Hillary S.

"I've bought SOOO many earrings from Creek+Elm and I LOVE every pair! Like to give them as gifts too and it makes the gift-getter feel extra special to know they've gotten something hand-crafted."

laughing mom drinking wine and wearring bold statement large dangly cork earrings
Sara O.

"As a busy mom I don't have much time to think about where my jewelry comes from, but I truly care about that. With Creek+Elm I KNOW Emily makes all her gorgeous earrings using ethical, sustainable materials."

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Everly Cork and Wood Handcrafted Round Earrings-Elegant Black

Check out our process

Your Earrings are Handcrafted

Once I receive your order, I will hand craft your earrings in my Wisconsin studio using high quality, sustainable, vegan materials like cork, faux leather, wood, resin, and stainless steel.

Your Earrings are lovingly packed by hand

After your earrings have been created, they are packed in beautiful, recyclable packaging- perfect for giving as a gift too! Then they are shipped straight to your door!

You Look and Feel Fabulous

Once your earrings arrive, you put them on. Not only do they feel amazingly lightweight and make you look even more gorgeous than you already are, you feel satisfied knowing they are made from sustainable, cruelty-free, eco-friendly materials.

Creek+ELM handcrafted jewelry

Inspired by the wild woodlands, ancient glens, and rolling hills and hollows of the beautiful, untamed driftless area of southwest Wisconsin.

For the woman who not only wants to look fabulous- she wants to FEEL fabulous too! For her, with a taste for the timeless, whose inner spirit is as wild and unbound as these driftless lands.

Creek+Elm jewelry is locally made in Wisconsin by hand using ethically sourced and sustainable materials like cork and walnut wood.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"- Mary Oliver

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